Taking the Smooth Ride

Hirschi Hart is an investment fund that is dedicated to investing in our Risk Parity strategy.

Our Risk Parity strategy is designed to smooth the peaks and valleys of the markets, while still providing an outstanding return to our clients by focusing on minimizing risk first and maximizing investment return second.


Why choose Risk Parity?

Minimize Risk

Through diversification, and strategic asset allocation, this portfolio sees roughly 1/2 the volatility of the stock market.

Maximize Return

Targeting an 18% return with 1/2 the volatility of the stock market, for an easy, steady climb.

Back tested to 1921

Being back tested to almost
100 years ago, we believe the performance of Risk Parity has proven itself.



Risk Parity


Our Portfolio Assets include:
US Stocks, Commodities, Gold, and Treasury Bonds/Notes.


US Stocks

A significant portion of our investment portfolio consists of the US stock market. We focus on a broad, diversified mix of stocks including growth and technology companies.



Commodities is one of the best ways to minimize volatility and correlation to the stock market. Commodities provide a hedge against large market moves and different economic conditions.



Gold and precious metals provide our portfolio with an additional hedge that helps protect returns during an inflationary period, and helps to reduce volatility and market correlation.


US Treasury Bonds/Notes

Long term and Intermediate US Treasuries are an integral part of our portfolio and work to offset large stock market events, providing lower volatility and stability to the portfolio.


Our Vision

Minimizing Risk while Accelerating Growth

The concept of Risk Parity was introduced by the largest and most successful hedge fund in the world - Bridgewater Associates. And is now their main investment allocation. Bridgewater Associates have given clues to how they manage their fund. And we believe we have found those clues. 

Through diversification, and strategic asset allocation we're able to achieve results that provide lower volatility, allowing us to use limited leverage to maximize our return.  

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